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New 3.0 lite – iPhone Wallet

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

iphone wallet

This is the 3rd Generation wallet. This is very similar to the 2nd Gen wallet with a few modifications. The leather is different, same long lasting great quality that will conform comfortably in about a week of use, but a stiffer sleaker texture instead of the grainy one the 2nd Gen. Also the phone slides into the pocket lined with soft felt to keep it more protected. Last, the outer money sleeve was removed resulting in a much smaller sized wallet that fits in your hand great and hugs the iphone inside it perfectly and still carries all the essentials. note* 3.0 is very similar to the original wallet with higher grade manufacturing.


iPocketWallet’s new website launched.

Thursday, May 7th, 2009


Our newly designed website has been launched to coincide with the release of the newly designed version of the iPocketWallet. The new design has added features and addresses recurring questions our customers have had in the past. If you are considering the purchase of  a wallet, please review the new ‘shipping and returns’ page. An ongoing ‘questions and answers’ page will be updated to respond to incoming questions. Any new, relavent information about the iPocketwallet will be posted in the blog.  A ‘compatibility page’ will list newly released phones that will also work great with our wallet. There is now a customer review section separating responses into 3 categories.  Check it out and e-mail us – we greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thanks.