iPocketWallet 3.0


cellphone-walletIf you noticed the website has a top navigation bar with the link myCellPhoneWallet.com. myCellPhoneWallet.com sister site to iPocketWallet.com has been launched.  The iPocketWallet is a great product that was originally consctucted for the iPhone, lately more and more people have been using the iPocketWallet for other cell phones. I have personally tested the iPocketWallet in the LG Dare, the Palm Treo and and array of other phones that you can check out on the compatibility page.  Luckly most iphone sized phones fit the bill perfectly! If you would be interested in the iPocketWallet and do not have an iPhone but a phone of similar size such as the LG Dare, give the wallet a try. We accept returns, and if you enjoy it please leave a review on the website, Thanks.


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