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Avoid getting pick pocketed!


Perhaps the greatest benefit to keeping your wallet in your front pants pocket rather then your back pocket is it decreases the chance that you might get ‘pick pocketed’. Keeping your valuable personal belongings in your front pants pocket greatly reduces the chance that one day you might be the victim of a criminal act and inconvenienced with loss of cash, credit cards, and identification. Below are some links to a website we have came across online that speaks about ways to avoid getting your wallet stolen.

When my brother (who lives in Austin), my cousin (who lives in NYC) and his best friend (who also lives in NYC) came to visit me in Madrid last week — they all got their wallets pick-pocketed! It happened twice to my cousin — once on the metro in Madrid, and once on the streets of Seville. You’d think that people originally from Bombay, now living in bustling metropolitans would know how to be careful about their belongings. I guess we take it for granted that it’s not going to happen to us, or the robbers are just getting smarter and quicker.

In other words — carry a wallet when you’re traveling and your odds of getting robbed are higher.

I have never been pick-pocketed, but I think that’s because I never have anything worth flicking. When I travel, normally all I walk around with is €20 note in my pocket, some ID, and some chapstick. The downside of that is that I often have to head back to my hostel to get some more money out — but that happens anyway, so it’s OK. Honestly, I don’t really understand why you need to carry anything else when exploring a new city. Perhaps an extra €20 in a separate pocket — but there is really no need for a bum-bag or a wallet, and definitley not your passport.

On that note, here is an interesting forum thread on Flyer Talk about pick-pockets in Europe and how to avoid them. Be careful! {http://www.vagablogging.net/tips-for-avoiding-getting-pick-pocketed.html}


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